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Quilting services

My longarm machine is HandiQuilter Avante with a 18" throat and a 10 foot table. I can quilt up to a Queen sized quilt. I currently can not do King sized quilts. 

I use Superior Thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting. You may also provide your own batting, high quality only please.

01 Quilting your Quilt Tops


I will take the utmost care with your quilt top. I will treat it as my own. I know how much time and work goes into creating your masterpieces!

How to Estimate the Cost of your Quilting

To determine the estimate for your quilting, multiply your quilt measurements to get your total square inch and then multiply that the price per square inch.


For example:

60 x 80 quilt top = 4800 square inches

4800 x .02 = $96

Batting is available at an additional charge or you can provide your own. 

There is a $40 minimum charge. 

02 Pantographs


I have 30+ pantographs to choose from. These make a great addition to any quilt. The design will go from edge-to-edge. The designs include feathers, flowers, stars, hearts, and more! 

Price: .025 per square inch

03 Custom Quilting


I can custom quilt your quilt depending on the design. Please make an appointment, and we can discuss. 

Price:Starting at .04 per square inch

04 All over Loops, Meadering


I can also do an edge-to-edge design with loops and meandering. This is a great budget option


Price: .02 per square inch 

05 Custom Quilts 


Custom Quilts start at $250 and up. We can work together to design something. Or you can pick the colors and size, and I will go from there. 

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